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I’m Isaac Blakemore, a Christian philosopher and cognitive scientist working between the US and London (you can follow me @isaacblakemore on Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube). I am a husband and father, athlete and scholar. Together with my wife and kids we enjoy traveling, eating, reading books, and working out. In another life (my early 20s to be exact) I played professional soccer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Now, I am an elite marathoner and professional runner.

Academically, my research interests are (broadly speaking) philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, analytical psychology, neuroscience, metaphysics, and philosophical theology. Personally, I draw my influences from the works of Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Søren Kierkegaard, Carl Jung, Michael Polanyi, Paul Feyerabend, Thomas Nagel, N.T. Wright, Colin McGinn, Nancy Cartwright, Thomas Sowell, T.F. Torrence, Edward Feser and many others.

I believe that Christian theology can and should take interest in all areas of study and life.

Academic qualifications:

  • PhD Philosophy (Kings College London, UK) ABD

  • Master of Arts in Apologetics, with academic distinction, Wesley Biblical Seminary

  • Named the 2021 John N. Oswalt Excellence in Biblical Scholarship and Teaching Award recipient



  • Freedom and Necessity: Kierkegaard and the Personal Self (presented Spring 2022 at the ETS/EPS Southwest Regional Meeting)

  • Before God: Kierkegaard and Aquinas on Existential Personalism (forthcoming)

  • Who Am I: A Psychological Analysis of Religious Identity and Secular Ideology (forthcoming)


  • War Culture: 10 Rules for Raising Courageous Kids (expected early 2024)

I found Theology Weekly in order to provide an engaging, informative, and culturally polemical alternative to the vast number of liberal “Christian” publications. Theology Weekly is a blog, newsletter, and podcast focused on culture, politics, and life from a Christian perspective.

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Philosopher, athlete, cultural polemicist. Writing on all things from quantum mechanics to Christian theology.


Isaac Blakemore

Isaac Blakemore is Christian philosopher and cognitive neuroscientist. He hosts Isaac Answers Everything, The Isaac Blakemore Podcast, and is the founder and Editor of Viva Theologiae @vivatheologiae.